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Spoerr Precast Concrete, Inc.

Custom Products

While the durability and easy maintenance of precast concrete is a definite advantage, perhaps the greatest benefit is the fact that precast concrete is so customizable. No matter your special needs, Spoerr Precast Concrete, Inc. can work with you to provide the perfect product to suit your own unique circumstances. Along with all of the same quality control procedures used for our standard products, we also offer years of expertise to ensure you get what you want combined with quality, service, and the structural integrity you count on.

Camp Perry backstop Marsh levels valve Installed septic tank vacuum tests
Numerous precast concrete panels were
installed at Camp Perry shooting ranges
where they serve as range backstops
This marsh levels valve was custom designed
to control water levels in an area marsh
These quench tanks were fabricated and
installed to the specifications of a smelter


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